Welcome Intern Pastor Seth Rumage!


Seth Rumage was born and raised in rural communities in Northern Illinois, near the city of Rockford. From age five, Seth wanted to be an astronaut- he attended Space Camp multiple times in his early years, and he had in place a plan to study astronomy and physics at the University of Illinois before becoming an Air Force Pilot in hopes of using these experiences to get in the doors of NASA.

However, these plans went by the wayside in Seth’s middle school years, when he felt the call to ministry. After years of attending church on a weekly basis, spending one week a summer and a few weekends in the offseason each year at Lutherdale Bible Camp, and feeling most comfortable in communities focused on God, Seth knew he was called to be a leader in some form of ministry.

Seth has explored many facets of God’s work in the world. He spent five summers during high school and college working at Lutherdale as a Lifeguard, Maintenance Staff Member, Cabin Leader, and Coordination Staff. He has served as a hospital chaplain in both a summer internship and more recently in a one-year hospital residency. Through his college and seminary years, Seth has worked with multiple congregations, including the Luther College Congregation as a Sacristan and the leader of the student-led worship service, and multiple Philadelphia area congregations, in both urban and rural settings.

Through many ups and downs in his life, Seth has learned to rely on God to guide and sustain him, and is eager to share this gospel of love and provision with the people at St. Peter Lutheran. He has many experiences that he will draw upon in his ministry, and is excited to learn from the people and community St. Peter is a part of.

Seth does not come to St. Peter alone, but also with the companionship of his wife, Katrina. They have been married for just over two years. They met at Luther College in ministry events, and have been integral in each other’s growth in ministry and understanding their love for each other as an outpouring of God’s love. Currently, Katrina serves an assisted living community in the Philadelphia suburbs, and will be looking to continue that work in the Greater Spokane area.

Seth and Katrina look forward to becoming a part of the St. Peter family, to share their experiences, grow in understanding of God’s work in Spokane, and learn more about how to live their lives as people called to lead God’s community on earth.




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