Winter – 2019

(Christmas Caroling at an Assisted Living Facility)

Caroling - Dec. 2018 - SPLC

St. Peter Lutheran Church wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This winter began with joyous celebrations of Jesus our Savior, Messiah, and Lord’s birth. We rejoiced in this good news of great joy for all people by singing carols at the residences of our home-bound members, participating in weekly Advent meals and worship, decorating the church, and by continuing to proclaim Jesus through deeds to those in our community during our Food Bank and Community Breakfast ministries.

We invite everyone to join us in proclaiming Jesus through Word (Worship) and Deeds (Volunteering) during 2019! The rest of this winter will include acknowledging how God in Christ was and is still being revealed to us during the Epiphany Church Season. During the Lenten Church Season beginning in March we will acknowledge through prayer, self-reflection, and worship the sacrifices Jesus made for us during his life and death on the cross that lead us to his Easter resurrection.

Christmas & New Year’s Blessings to All!

Intern Pastor Eric

(A Recent Winter Photo of St. Peter Lutheran Church)

Church - Winter Photo - SPLC

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