Summer – 2019

Baptism - Part II - July

The summer season is a time of transition at St. Peter Lutheran Church. As one intern pastor leaves (Eric Schwirian) we are ready to embrace the next shepherd of this congregation (Tim O’Shields) and affirm the mission of this church which is rooted in baptism.

As Lutheran Christians, we affirm the covenant God made with each of us in baptism and this informs how we serve the community of Hillyard (Food Bank / Free Community Breakfast) and the greater Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by raising up and teaching the next generation of Lutheran pastors. Our baptismal covenant with God includes:

Living among God’s faithful people,                                                                                                  Hearing the word of God and sharing in the Lord’s supper,                                                      Proclaiming the good news of God in Christ through word and deed,                                        Serving all people, following the example of Jesus,                                                                            And striving for justice and peace in all the earth? (Evangelical Lutheran Worship, 236)

We invite you to be a part of our congregation as we confidently and joyously proclaim the Gospel through word and deed and continue to place our faith in Jesus!


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