Reformation and All Saints

Our Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton, has an interesting column in the October Living Lutheran, our ELCA monthly magazine (you can also get their weekly email updates). As we Lutherans often do in October, she reflects on Martin Luther. However, Bp. Eaton does not dwell on the glories of Reformation past or the need for continual reforming now or in the future. Rather, she reminds us of the freedom we have in Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of God’s promises – freedom from and freedom for. I encourage you to read her column here: From the Presiding Bishop.

Coming up, we have two festival Sundays in a row: Reformation Sunday and All Saints Sunday. You are invited to wear red on Reformation Sunday (October 25) and on Reformation Day (October 31). On All Saints Sunday (November 1), we will be remembering our loved ones who have died, especially those who have died in this past year. If you have particular people you want included in our All Saints Day Remembrance, please email or call and share their names.

– Intern Pastor Beth

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