November 2017

November 2017 Intern Ispiration

nativity scene

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Between November 1 and January 15, there are nearly thirty major holidays celebrated by the world’s religions. Add to that secular celebrations like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve/ Day, and you can see why this time of year quickly becomes so busy! Everyone is celebrating something these days, and we are certainly no exception.

Through the month of December, there will be plenty of ways to celebrate Advent, Christmas, and the New Year, both at St. Peter and in Spokane. We’ll be holding our regular Sunday morning schedule through December, with Education at 9 am and worship at 10 am. We’ll share in Thursday night worship and dinner starting at 5:30 on December 7th, 14th, and 21st. We will have Christmas Eve worship on December 24th at 6:30 pm.

Along with everything happening at St. Peter over the next weeks, you can also participate in events at Lutheran churches around Spokane! In this newsletter, and in the church, you can pick up a schedule of all the ways our sister churches are celebrating this exciting season. If you are able, please consider joining some of these celebrations.

We certainly have much to celebrate and a wonderful reason to do so!

The story of Christmas is a story of a God who goes to any length necessary to reach out to all of creation. While the people of first century Palestine expected a king, a messiah, a great ruler who would lead the Israelites out of oppression into the greatness they experienced under King David so long before, what did they get? A baby. A baby born to an unwed mother and a working-class father. A child who would grow up outside the walls of Jerusalem, in the backwoods of Galilee- not the palace courts of temple sanctuaries.

By sending Jesus in this way- through a birth canal, into a world that so simply did not expect the Son of God to look how Jesus looked, God shifted our expectations and understanding in a colossal way. God revealed Godself to us in the vulnerable form of a baby. Certainly God arriving among us, interacting with us, and looking like us is something to celebrate!

And so we do. We celebrate the preparation for Jesus in the weeks of Advent. We celebrate his birth on Christmas Eve and Morning. We celebrate the milestones of his life throughout the first months of the year. And come next spring, we will celebrate his death, resurrection, and all that means for us as Children of God.

Please, come celebrate with us- there is much to do!

Intern Pastor Seth

Youth Hayride

The Coles were generous to open their home and acreage to us for a late Fall/early Winter hayride. A few of the kids even got to drive the tractor!

Trunk or Treat 2017

Members of St. Peter had a great time giving out candy at our annual Trunk or Treat event Halloween evening.

Thanks for coming out and having fun with us!