Our Prayer Requests for the Week

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Holy God–Holy and Mighty–We lift our prayers for all the people around our country who suffer from racial injustices.  There are riots all over our country in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Bring your peace and comfort to a country that is torn apart.  Give peace to the family of George Floyd.  Bring your truth and justice to the legal proceedings surrounding this tragedy.  Give wisdom and guidance to the leaders in Minneapolis and around our country as they work for civility and justice.  We pray for your healing and wholeness for our nation.  We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.

Please remember the following sisters and brothers in your daily prayers:

Ina Clark has been on our Prayer List and remains on our Prayer List.  Please say special prayers for Ina after she recovers at home after her recent hospitalization.

Those associated with our Church Family who recovering from Covid-19 Coronavirus:  Rob and Cindy Paap are recovering at home.

Our front-line professionals against the Covid-19 Coronavirus: Emily, Danny, Darren, Elaina and Steven, Jed and Hannah, Nikki, Alyssa.

Our regular prayer list: Helen Pierce, Louise Absolonson, Shirley Smith, George Fergusen, Craig Coles, Jeff and Laura Radeck, Bev Wood, Laila Robinson, Riley Snyder, Lois Wallin, Ruth Wallender, Roberta’s granddaughter, Nicole, Emily Godwin, Scott’s Mother, Terri, Debbie Ross, Rusty Evans, Ernie, Aaron Libert, Rod Scruggs, Maureen Cox, Anita, Mel and Ina Clark, Gail Dotson, Mary Welborn, Julie Lokken,  Elijah Lokken, Evelyn Lunning, Peggy Cloak, William Green, Christy Welsh, Lois Triplett, Wallace Weeks, Harper Skindlov, Nicole Everding, Hannah Silva, and Kathy Stewart.

All those battling addictions, especially those groups who meet daily at Saint Peter Lutheran Church during normal times.

All those serving in active military duty, especially James Murphy and John Curran, and their families.

All those food banks that are primary sources of food and are able to remain open during this time.  We lift up our Crestline sisters and brothers who are a primary, front-line food distributor and they remain open.  Keep them safe and well-sourced to help hungry people.

All of the families of those who have died with Coronavirus.  All those who are infected or suffering with the Coronavirus.  All of the front line supporters and responders who put themselves in harm’s way to keep others safe or to care for them in their time of serious illness.  The rest of us who are following the stay-at-home orders during this time of danger.  All the US, State, and local government officials and supporters who are working tirelessly to keep order in our world during this challenging time and to facilitate the proper flow of supplies for healthcare and for people in general.  Be with businesses and the people who go to them in this time of slowly re-opening.  Give us prudence and gumption as we being to plan for in-person worship again.  God, we know that only through you is healing and wholeness in this world.

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