Current Prayer Requests


Week of April 11, 2021

We pray for Saint Peter Lutheran Church as we gather for worship in-person and online, as we discern where God is calling us at this time, and as our community is scattered and separated.  Keep us and all your children safely in your care, O Lord.

We pray for all communities across the nation experiencing high or increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases. For the people infected with this virus, for the healthcare workers caring for them, for their families and friends concerned about them, for those waiting for a vaccination. We also pray for all people who have been affected by restrictions to business operations in the past year.

We pray for all in our education system as the school year continues and changes. For students, teachers, administrators, staff, bus drivers, and parents as learning happens in-person and online.

We pray for our planet and all the diverse creatures you, O God, have created and that so abundantly fill this world. We pray for those creatures and ecosystems in need of restoration: for devastated habitats, polluted waters, thawing ice, blazing fires, swelling floods, and long-lasting droughts. Renew all creation, O God.

We pray for the leaders of all cities, states, and nations. May they remember that they are public servants, supporting the needs of all their people rather than a few. As they make decisions, may they work to expand peace, justice, and economic security for all.

We pray for your Church, both your children gathered here at St. Peter Lutheran and your children around the world and through all time. Protect us from stumbling. Do not let us be overcome with sorrow, division, or despair. Help us build up our communities, and especially the Body of Christ gathered here. Make us radiant with goodness that we might always live to the praise of Your glory and share Your grace and truth throughout the world.

Please remember the following sisters and brothers in your daily prayers:

Our front-line professionals against the Covid-19 virus: Emily, Danny, Darren, and Alyssa.

Our regular prayer list: Melanie, Kathleen, Mel and Ina, Louise, Shirley, George, Laila, Ruth, Nicole, Emily, Terri, Rusty, Lois, Terra, Brenda, Kathy, Scott, and Deb & Tim.

All those serviing in active military duty, especially James Murphy and John Curran, and their families.