Our Prayer Requests for the Week


Week of October 18, 2020

We pray for Saint Peter Lutheran Church as we have resumed in-person services under our Plan for Minimal Risk.  Keep us safely in your care, O Lord.

We lift up the following people who have died recently:
* Helen Pierce
* Jaquon Bailey, nephew of Leila & Scott
* Maureen, friend of Christy
* Patricia Bell, friend of Bev & Scott
We also pray for their family, friends, and all who mourn their deaths.

We pray for all communities affected by wildfire or smoke in our western states.

We pray for all in our education system as the school year continues and changes. For students, teachers, administrators, staff, bus drivers, and parents as learning happens in-person and online.

We pray for all involved with the elections this fall: the candidates, campaign staffs, volunteers, election officials, and all who will vote.

Please remember the following sisters and brothers in your daily prayers:

Our front-line professionals against the Covid-19 Coronavirus: Emily, Danny, Darren, Elaina, and Alyssa.

Our regular prayer list: Phil Hood, Melanie, Kathleen Bell, Mel and Ina Clark, Louise Absalonson, Shirley Smith, George Fergusen, Laila Robinson, Ruth Wallender, Nicole, Emily Godwin, Terri, Rusty Evans, Lois Triplett, and Teddy & Terra Girard.

All those serving in active military duty, especially James Murphy and John Curran, and their families.