Fall 2020 Worship Videos

November 22

Christ the King

We proclaim Jesus Christ is King – but what kind of king is he? If Christ is our king, the one who has our ultimate loyalty, do we really behave like it?

image © Drawn to the Word, Paul Oman 2020. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission from the artist.

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November 15

Pentecost 24

God has gifted each of us – how do we use God’s gifts in our community? Thanks to guest preacher Kelly Sherman-Conroy, part of the Northwest Intermountain Synod’s Color Amazed Preaching Project

Opening + Sermon + Closing

November 8

Pentecost 23

Waiting. We do a lot of waiting, and not only during election week. We also wait for God’s kingdom to come. But how do we live while we wait?

Opening + Sermon + Closing

November 1

All Saints Sunday

Blessed are those who are poor – mourning – humble – merciful – peacemakers – for theirs is the kingdom. In these blessings, we get a glimpse of what it means to be God’s people.

Opening + Sermon + Closing

October 25

Reformation Sunday

Claim your identity as a beloved child of God, baptized and made free. You belong. You are forever a member of God’s family, and now are free to love and serve.

Opening + Sermon + Closing

October 18

Pentecost 20

Like. Neighbor. Love. This commandment can transform you, the church, and the world.

Opening + Sermon + Closing

October 11

Pentecost 19

Come to the king’s wedding feast! But are you wearing a wedding robe – are the ‘fruits of the kingdom’ apparent in your life?

Opening + Sermon + Closing

October 4

Pentecost 18

Unexpected twists and turns! God does not operate with the usual human rules – thanks be to God!

Opening + Sermon + Closing

September 27

Pentecost 17

Who gave you this authority? How does Jesus, do you, do others we see around us, use authority?

Opening + Sermon + Closing

September 20

Pentecost 16

“Is it right for you to be angry?” and God’s outrageous generosity

Opening + Sermon + Closing

September 13

Pentecost 15

How many times must I forgive?

Word & Prayer

September 6

Pentecost 14

How then shall we live?Forgiveness and reconciliation

Opening + Sermon + Closing

August 30

Pentecost 13

Where is your focus? Self? God? Neighbor?

Opening + Sermon + Closing

August 23

Pentecost 12

What is your foundation? What is our foundation?Are we built on the rock?

Opening + Sermon + Closing